How To Break Free From Your Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Break Free From Your Comfort Zone...

So many of us love to just ‘stay comfortable in life’ the problem is if you are only looking to stay comfortable in life it is difficult to grow as an individual and truly show the world what you have to offer.

Here are some ideas to break free from your comfort zone:

Try new things – now this may sound obvious but so many of us do the same thing day in, day out. What this actually does is create a routine for your life, almost a day by day ritual that is lived by this may include just eating in the same place or visiting the same places. When you do new things, you create new experiences and realise that there is more to just living in your comfort zone!

Meet new people – When was the last time you went somewhere on your own and consciously made the effort to socialise with people outside of your comfort zone. Meeting with new people causes you to break free of your normal communication patters, why? Because when we talk to people who we are constantly surrounded by, the language we use merges into one. If we decided to mingle and meet others we would need to become more aware of our communication rather than speaking and acting like we are use to.

Act – This applies to anything you are thinking about doing, a new career, a new hobby, want to eat in a new restaurant? So many of us are crippled by fear and comforted by what we already know e.g. our comfort zone. Take action and begin to start living rather than surviving.

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