The Hero’s Journey Is Powerful!

Follow your bliss

What The Hero's Journey Can Teach You

I have to share with you a powerful film/documentary which is called The Hero’s Journey…this is a must watch!

The Hero’s Journey teaches us a hell of a lot but in particular it teaches us the following:

Follow your bliss – Some of you may be wondering what is your bliss? What your bliss is, is what you are naturally pulled towards, it’s nothing to do with temporary fulfilment such as drink, drugs or being greedy towards your favourite food it’s to do with taking notice of your passion. So many of us know what are passion is but unfortunately we never follow that and as a result live a life we are unhappy with.

Don’t listen to others – So many of us grow up with the attitude that we must listen to others, especially our parents, grandparents and closest associates, by why? Why do you have to listen to what is right for someone else? Why do you have to follow someone else’ s  advice based on them thinking what is the safest route in life? You must listen to yourself and trust in what you know is right for you.

Take Action – When you take action the universe will guide you, many of you may think to yourself “What the hell is he on about” please believe me that we are governed by the laws of this universe e.g. the tides, the seasons, night & day. Once we take action all the resources we need are manoeuvred in order to support us along our journey of greatness.

I would strongly recommend you follow a life you truly desire and to take action straight away…you will be surprised what will happen!

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