There is always a different option…


We all have different options

This applies to every angle of our life, do you like hot food or cold food, do you like blue or black, happiness or disappointment, do you like this or that etc etc. We have the choice to pick exactly what we like, think and feel towards any subject in life.

So let’s include this into our everyday lives, next time a certain situation happens or somebody says something that would normally send us into a certain way of reacting ask yourself ‘Am what I am feeling really helping me in my life and what I want to achieve’. This immediately stops you in your tracks and breaks the pattern of reacting in your usual way; it allows you to take a moment and to choose a different option to any given situation in a calm and calculated way.

For example how many of us open our door in the morning and notice that it is raining what is the first thing that we say, normally its ‘I hate this rain, it’s horrible out there!’ Now choose a different option, the option could be ‘I love rain, I love the smell in the air and the noise it makes’.

When you pick a different option consciously rather than not thinking about it and reacting in the same way, you create personal power, you choose rather than conform, your life will change drastically. So if you have found yourself gaining the same results in life and having reoccurring experience this normally is down to picking the same options because of the way you think about something, resulting in creates a-like feelings, these manifests into the same actions which gain the same results.

So whatever it may be choose a different option to what you would normally go with, this will change what you instantly think, feel and then act, leading to experiencing different results in your life. If you decide to only concentrate and focus on the negatives you will find them, if you decide to focus on the positives of life you will attract more of this into your life in untold amounts!

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