Stop Making Excuses…

Jim Rohn

Why Is It We Make Excuses?

Excuses can riddle our lives, many of us try the wriggle out of doing something but why? Here are some observations I have made:


Familiarity towards what we already know – The best term to describe this is comfort! Many of us are more comfortable with our current situation, than we are driven to taking the next step. How many of you guys say “right I am going to start a gym routine this week!” but the comfort of staying at home and chilling out is more rewarding? How many of you have a job which you are currently really comfortable with because you know the ‘ins and outs’ of it but really want to push for that promotion or indeed a different career path all together? Begin to be uncomfortable with the unknown and stop making excuses to why you shouldn’t push forward, concentrate on why you should!


We are scared – We are scared of what people think, we are scared of what people will say and we are scared of what could go wrong! The feeling of being scared is crippling, it causes us to stay in the same place which we have always been and always will be if we can’t get rid of our own man made excuses.


We lack our own self belief – We look at ourselves and say “No I can’t do that because..”  we tend to talk ourselves out of what it is we want to achieve. The other part of lacking our own self belief is we listen to others and their opinions, these normally tend to discourage us rather than empower us, we like to listen to the reasons why we can’t and then use that us our excuse in life to why we should not try.

Don’t create or listen to reasons that you try and justify for making excuses…there are no room for excuses they are lies and cheat you from a life you fully deserve, begin to live your life today!

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