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Mike Fly Away

Do You Just Want To Fly Away?

We all have those days when we would just like to pack our bags and escape reality, to temporary run […]

Does Desire Or Fear Rule Your Life?

How do you make firm decisions in your life, would you say that the choices you make are based on […]

I’m not enough…

This is a curse that many of us have going around in our minds or have indeed thought about in […]

The Fear Of Commitment

Why do so many of us fear commitment? When this question is asked you may automatically think this may just […]

Why Do You Work?

Why do you work? Late last week I began to listen to a recording form Napoleon Hill who shared that […]

Does The Place You Live In Effect Your Success?

This is an interesting question, I personally believe that it does to a certain degree effect a lot of people […]

Tips On How To Become Debt Free

Debt can cripple us, so it’s very important that strategies and financial management are applied to your personal life in […]
Self Talk

The Power Of Affirmations

The power of affirmations can not be underestimated! Affirmations are a bunch of positive words repeated by an individual which […]
Our thoughts create

Our Thoughts Do Create Things…

Believe it or not our thoughts really do create the physical world we live in, they have a power which […]

Beat Anger

Many of us experience anger, for some of us it’s part of our personality but have you ever asked yourself […]