Overcome Frustration Today!

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Do You Let Frustration Ruin Your Day?

Frustration can drain you both mentally and physically; it normally comes from a sense of helplessness and can distract you from seeing things with clarity.

Frustration should be used to take notice of what it is you don’t like, what is causing the feeling of frustration and then used to achieve a solution.  I have found that there are a few steps that can help you step back from frustration and work on the steps needed to overcome the grips of frustration.

Be calm in this exact moment:

Look at what it is that is frustrating you; then take notice of exactly where you are, this could be where you are sitting, standing and become fully aware of the NOW. What this does is shift you’re thinking from over thinking the frustration to what you are currently doing.

Be grateful:

When you take a moment to be truly grateful for what you have, you overcome the worry and frustration about what you don’t have. How can you expect to receive more into your life when you are not grateful for what you currently have? Take notice of the feeling that overcomes you once gratitude is practiced often.

Your thoughts:

Sit on your own and ask yourself this question “Am I seeing this problem how I am or how it actually is”. This question makes you think deeply if you are over thinking the situation based on how you normally think about things or can this frustration be overcome by the application of a stage by stage plan.  Now replace that thought with a thought of what exactly it is you would prefer. Remember nothing can have power over you, unless you giving it a meaning, your thoughts are either empowering you or draining you.

At this point it is worth noting that there are some things we physically can’t control or change, move on it’s not worth another moment of frustration!

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