Do You Have A Unhealthy Relationship?

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Stay Clear Of These Types Of Relationships...

Relationships that you have with others really contribute to the type of life you experience. It’s obvious that if you have an abusive relationship with someone then your self esteem will tend to be lower compared to someone who compliments you all day long. Here is some examples, that in my opinion are the types of relationships you need to leave behind.


“You should know” – Does your partner believe that you should already know what they expect from you in order to make them happy? Many people have an opinion that their partner should know exactly what should be said and done by when…unfortunately without consistent communication and regular ‘feedback’ loops how can you or your partner work together? How can you mind read and as a result not make the most from your relationship?


It’s all about them – Many of us are guilty at times of focusing on what we want and trying to enforce those on others but does your partner notice what you do for them? Are you ever shown gratitude? Are you shown that you are also a priority as well as demonstrating this to your partner? The problem may not always be so blatant for example is your partner is not willing to corporate with you then this means that their needs are what is most important, leaving you with the feeling that only they mater!


Life is for living – Live is defiantly for living but what is your definition of that? Does your definition include going out partying once a week or does it involve having a nice meal together? It should be very clear that you and your partner both take part in what each of you love. If one side of the party is only interested in living their life, then this is not ideal.


Abusive – Does your partner try and embarrass you in front of others? Do they but you down if you wear something nice? Do they repeatedly put you down rather than pick you up? All of which are crippling, just putting up with your partner out of habit, worry or routine is unhealthy and does not serve you or help you too move forward in life.


Relationships in general in life can either be beautiful or a burden, make sure the people you surround yourself with are lifting you higher not suppressing you to stay in one way of living.

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