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A Giant Elephant Who Needed A Prosthetic Leg…

The Giant Elephant Never Forgot Who Helped Him!

Are You A Daredevil?

Watch These Daredevils Hang from Skyscrapers...
Real Life Tarzan

Real life tarzan climbs a tree to feed his family!

A Real Life Tarzan...No Way!
Human Bowling

Would You Take Part In Human Bowling?

Have You Ever Thought About Human Bowling?
1 year old snow boarding

WHAT…A One Year Old Baby Snowboarding!

A One Year Old Baby Who Can Snowboard?

Swimming With Jellyfish!

Would you swim with jellyfish?
Travel in 3 minutes

What Is It Like To Travel The World In 3 Minutes?

Do you want to travel the world?
Sky Dive

A Skydive Without A Parachute Captured On Film

Would You Sky Dive Without A Parachute...He Did!
Fight Shark

Jaw-dropping: Surfer fights off shark attack live on TV in S. African competition

Would you surf again after this (nearly) shark attack?

GoPro: Swimming With Dolphins

Have you ever wanted to swim with dolphins...check this out